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Book on data mining

Practical machine learning tools and techniques by weka Advertisements

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Exact String matching algorithms

discussed at mefi

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Little vs Big endian

(stackoverflow) question (stackoverflow) how to convert endianness when reading binary file What does endian mean ?

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6 interesting projects

orgmode – plain text GTD tool for emacs capuccino web frameworks – GWT-like, client side ode to Objective C comet for capuccino gomockingbird wireframing UI tool Adobe flex chef programming language inform7 interactive fiction tool narwhal javascript CLI which is … Continue reading

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Finding contents with spaces in file paths

find with xargs (even works in cygwin).

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(solved) git on cygwin177

Environment: windows vista, cygwin Problem: I tried to test my github ssh key setup & received an error gavin@yoda ~$ ssh Enter passphrase for key ‘/home/gavin/.ssh/id_rsa’: *********************** PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Solution: disable pseudo tty allocation … Continue reading

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