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(software) replacement for make

12 jan 2011 :: why redo is the git of build systems 14 dec 2010 :: An implementation of djb redo in python 12 nov 2010 :: Things that make got right Advertisements

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(solved) git on cygwin177

Environment: windows vista, cygwin Problem: I tried to test my github ssh key setup & received an error gavin@yoda ~$ ssh git@github.com Enter passphrase for key ‘/home/gavin/.ssh/id_rsa’: *********************** PTY allocation request failed on channel 0 Solution: disable pseudo tty allocation … Continue reading

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(created) ssh key pair on toshiba

gb period javouhey at gmail period com 73:5e:24:25:4b:4b:0c:82:b4:63:f4:32:31:ec:5d:ea Also on bitbucket Followed this instruction page

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